Patrick Thompson's Interview with Speakz

In September I got to meet up with Speakz while he was in New York for New York Fashion Week 2015. Speakz told me about his style and sense of fashion as well as his new album (new at the time) Sex Quest 3.

Filmed and Edited by Louis Kang

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It is no secret that Speakz is an invisible hand in the music industry. On September 20th, 2015 Those invisible hands held a secret show in the basement of the Buschwick Public House in Brooklyn.

Speak announced the show just four days before the performance. When the Doors opened at 8, Keith Charles Spacebar from Awful Records Dj'd as the basement of the Brooklyn coffee shop filled with fans. Around 9 o'clock Zack Sekoff from Alpha Pup Records opened up for Speak. Zack performed a few tracks of his own before he dropped an exclusive featuring Wiz Khalifa, Thundercat Bass, and himself.

Minutes later, the crowd was chanting, " WESTSIDE. ARTGOON. CRAIGSLIST. KILLER... WESTSIDE. ARTGOON. CRAIGSLIST-" mid chant Speakz took the stage.

His presence alone invigorated the audience. The set list contained singles from 2011, New songs from sex quest 3, as well as selections from in-between those era's. If you do the math correctly, that adds up to a legendary performance... and it did. Speakz had the small basement sounding like an outdoor venue at full capacity.

You should know not to expect anything other than godlike whenever Speak performs. After all he is the face that belongs to an invisible hand.

Keith Charles Space Bar
Zack Sekoff
Speakz hair